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BIDEO = Print + Augmented Reality + Videos

You will love videos on print

Bideo is an augmented reality based video framework. Bideo brings static print media to life using augmented reality and videos. Point your phone camera on a printed image and see the relevant video play on the printed image. Bideo will be available on Android and iOS.

Interactive prints are fun!

Bideo can be used to bring any form of print media to life. Different print media like newspapers, billboards, magazines, books, posters, wedding-cards, greeting cards, banners, signages, visiting-cards, brochures, pamphlet, menu-cards, instruction manuals, product-manuals, tickets and more can be made interactive with Bideo.

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Explore print images

In the Bideo mobile app, look at the reference print images to get a clue, to point your phone camera.

Point phone camera

Once you have the image clues, point your phone camera on the printed image using BIDEO app.

Video on print

Using the power of augmented reality, the relevant video plays and gets augmented on the print medium.

Earn Rewards

Watching videos could not have been more fun and rewarding! Earn rewards for watching multiple videos on Bideo app.

Boss & Buddy


Who is the Boss?

  • You are the BOSS if:
  • You are a decision maker.
  • You believe in trying something new for better engagement.
  • You want to use BIDEO to get print media to life with videos.

Explore BIDEO as the BOSS

Explore BOSS!

High five Buddy!

  • Our BUDDIES are from:
  • Ad-agencies, Media-agencies, PR-agencies and Media owners.
  • Friends who are into the business of printing.
  • Buddies use BIDEO as a value added service for disruptive engagement.

Explore BIDEO as a BUDDY

Explore BUDDY!

BIDEO Mobile Apps

Bideo iPhone app image

BIDEO is an augmented reality based video platform coming soon on Android and iOS smart phones.

  • The augmented video on print medium (BIDEO) has 8 categories:
  • - Automobiles (Auto)
  • - Entertainment
  • - Hot (This category covers events in your city)
  • - Motley
  • - Politics
  • - Real Estate
  • - Shop
  • - Sports

The BIDEO wall in the mobile application has reference images on the above mentioned categories which gives you a clue, to point your phone camera on the printed image and a relevant video gets augmented on the printed material.

*You also earn rewards for augmenting and watching videos using the BIDEO mobile app. Please register and create your profile on the BIDEO app to earn and claim your rewards.

Bideo use cases

  • - Newspapers and Magazines - Get your print-ads and stories in your newspapers and magazines to life with BIDEO.
  • - Mall promotions and activities - You can get all the static posters, banners, standies and other promotional media in a mall come to life with BIDEO.
  • - Education - BIDEO can be used to make printed books interactive by augmenting videos on printed pages of a book.
  • - Product manuals - Your consumer can point their phone camera on the product and watch the BIDEO of your product manual.
  • - Restaurant Menus - Your patrons can point on the menu and see the BIDEO which narrates the story of your restaurant or the story of your special recipes.
  • - College youth festivals - Got your next inter-college fest! Create amazing in-venue experiences using BIDEO.
  • - Wedding experiences - You can augment your wedding pre-shoot videos on your wedding cards using BIDEO.
  • - Election campaigns - Make election campaigns interactive by getting your manifesto, posters of leaders augmented with BIDEO.

You can also add different call to action links to BIDEO, enabling a better reach and engagement.

Bideo Android app image

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